Montag, 30. Januar 2012

7 things.

1_ Every week someone lovely is spoiling me with a snail-mail surprise! This time it was Vibeke and she sent me
the most beautiful things: wonderful soft wrist warmers, some lovely fabric, napkins and most intersting of all:
Blooming Tea Balls! I've never seen them before here in Germany and I am soso curious to see them blooming in
hot water! But I'll keep them for a very special moment, they are something precious! Have some of you ever tried
these balls?

2_ First semester came to an end, very stressful but also productive.

3_ Spent a funny evening with my class mates.

4_ Next day we had a cute little breakfast with some homemade Chai Latte! I love Chai! What is your favourite
kind of tea?

5_ This is post N° 200.

6_ Met one of my best friends for her incredible Apfelstrudel! (This week seems to be just about food & tea)

7_ No, there's a break on my studies for a few weeks I'am looking forward to answer all the lovely packages I got

Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

7 things.

This week, I found this lovely package in my mailbox: Ellen from emmellien sent me the most beautiful handmade
print!!! I am so happy about it and hope to find the right place for it in my appartement! Thank you so much, Ellen ♥!

Watched the succulent blooming. 

Eat poached eggs a lot lately.

The first spring flowers appeared.

Did some drawings & wellness. Studies got all my attention lately, so it was more than needed.

This smoothie tastes awesome, maybe you'll give it a try too.

I am thinking about summer & gardening! Can't wait to start again!

Samstag, 14. Januar 2012


Missing summer though winter is still absent.

Freitag, 13. Januar 2012


 Sun is shining right into my face. Wonderful January!
Though there's a lot of work waiting to get finished, I managed not to forget to do even one analogue shot  a day!
(These are from a former school project.)

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

7 things.

Started a Photo Project to use my analogue cameras more often.

Finally finished a project for my studies. Felt strange, because I felt drowning in work the last weeks. To see the
end of it feels strange, I can't help.

My car is broken again. I don't care, I go by train all the time either.

Strangest weather ever. Storm, lightning, rain and sunshine at Sunday finally.

Saw "Car Culture". And a lot more, this is my favourite. It's from Jin Shi, a Chinese artist.

First semester of three is almost finished.

Keep my fingers crossed for my boy next week!

Samstag, 7. Januar 2012


For 2012:
First I thought "this is the most emotionless and resolutionless New Year's Eve I ever spent in my life". But after
these few days of the new year, some thoughts have appeared so I want fo fixed them here and share it with you:

Don't let them stress you so much. It's just a question about the right focusing. Importance and unimportance.

No more compromising and half-finished projects. Do your thing.

Find a place to call "home" again. A flat with a big kitchen would be enough ;-)!

More analoque photography. I'll start a photo project.

One drawing a week. Or even every second.

And have breakfast regularly.

Do you have any New Year's pledge?

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

2 - Update Dubai.

Dubai 2011. Hope to be there again someday. There where some questions about this big city. And I want to answer them though I just spent a few days there. First: it is really superficial. If you know the play "Hotel" from the 90's - it felt like being captured in it, like it becam real somehow. There are a lot of different architecture styles, a lot of unfinished superhuge buildings, but also a lot of sparkling and glamour. In the middle of the town, next to the Greek, there you find the historical part. My impression was, that the city is really rich and clean. It didn't saw real poor people there, but of course I didn't get close to the construction site. Everything is going to be rebuild after a few years, it seemed. A taxidriver told us, there are 80% foreign workers in town, but they're from everywhere around the world. He also told us, that the sheik let build a new metro system, and at some holidays everyone can ride for free. One point, that really strikes my conscience is the fact of the huge amount of energy and water they use every day. I mean, who needs a skiing hall in the desert? Airconditioning everywhere, turned down for about 20° outside. But as I was told they plan a suncollector plantage in the near future, maybe a first step to ecology. But nevertheless, it was a rather positive experience and if you know how poor people live in other big cities, this is not the worst. I think we could live there in our regular standards and obviously a lot of european people decide to work there for the simple fact of getting payed a lot more. This is of course my tourist view of things, but that's all I can tell. Wish you all a nice week!

Montag, 2. Januar 2012


We're back from our little trip to Austria, lots of storm and snow, but it was relaxing though!
Hopefully all of you spent a wonderful Christmas with your beloved ones!