Samstag, 12. März 2011


Look what I found at the first fleamarket this year! Isn't it beautiful? I longed for that kind of
lovely book about herbs for such a long time! Actually it should be a gift for a friend but I
will keep it for myself and find another for her!
And I found some cute little milk jugs! They fit perfectly to a my mocca cups.
I wish you a nice and sunny weekend and hopefully there will be bigger doom in Japan.


  1. Oh, such lovely flea market findings! I have a book with similar illustrations. I found it on a flea market when I was a child. But it is actually with poems on the side. Maybe I show it sometime on my blog, too. I can understand that you keep it for yourself, it happens to me also sometimes that I get something for someone and keep it in the end :)
    The cups are great, too! They remind me on summer and ice cream :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. That book looks so pretty! I'm always on the search for pretty botanical illustrations too. Never found such a pretty book as yours though!

  3. It is a very lovely book ! a wonderful find ! the little milk cans are cute : )

  4. What a lovely finds, especially the book.


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