Samstag, 31. März 2012


Last week I got all ingredients to make my own lip balm. Some people wonder why I plan to make it myself, but I
am always curious about trying new things. And I will know exactly what the mix will be made of.

It turned out to be so simple and ready in 5 minutes! If you're interested in the recipe, here it comes:

3 pieces of native olive oil, avocado oil or any kind of rich oil you prefer

1 piece of bees wax

2 pieces of pure shea butter.

(some essential oil for flavoring if you like)

Mix all together and stir over a water bath till everything is melted. Add the essential oil. Fill in little cans and
let the mix cool down in the fridge. Done!

Freitag, 30. März 2012


I love succulents.

Sonntag, 25. März 2012


Sorry for being absent so long! I'd love to post more, but last two weeks very so busy, I couldn't find the time!
I got a wonderful package from dear Lisa, with a lot of different seeds inside! Next weekend I'll plant them and
see what they will grow like! Found this lovely page by Alexander via Sewon! Can't get enough of breakfast inspiration!

Sonntag, 18. März 2012


Busy week, wonderful chocolat and preparing a seed swap. Looking forward to go to our local fleamarket today,
the first of the year, but it's raining. Maybe I am a lucky one today and it will stop soon for brightest sunshine.

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

7 things.

Working on a mobile for my suite.

Lots of fruit this week.

Starting gardening season.

Enjoyed the sun.

Somedays one should not go out of bed.

I am bored of getting into trouble caused by my childish behavior.

The doggy got to visit the vet for an operation, but everything went well!

(I dried a lot of butternut squash seeds, if someone like to get some, send me an email!)

Samstag, 10. März 2012


❤ Spring is here. ❤

Dienstag, 6. März 2012


Do you know Eva's Shop? She is creating the most beautiful little things, just take a look and enjoy! I ordered one
of her Crochet Hook Holders and I am in love with it: the pattern, the colours, the soft fabric and the clean way it is
made is wonderful!!! Thank you so much Eva and I hope you don't mind I will use it for my favourite pens instead :-)!

Montag, 5. März 2012

7 things.

Started meditating.

Saw the first crocus.

Goodbyes & old friends.

Long walks & workouts.

Finished some crochet work.

Even though french government nixed the title "Mademoiselle" from language use, I still love it.

One short week is left till the mania starts again.

(Remember when I came back from our long vacation last year, and recognized that my avocado didn't got the
care it was used to? I thought it was dead but now it grows again! I am so happy, because it took me so long
to get it rooted!)

Donnerstag, 1. März 2012


Lot of sleep & smoothies. What is your favourite smoothie recipe?
Today I tried avocado the first time, but I am not sure if I like it.