Freitag, 29. April 2011

First I want to thank you for the lovely comments on my last post! Every single one means the
world to me! Even more because it refers to something I created and made by myself.
Thank you all so much!

Today was a big garden market were I went to. I got some beautiful flowers for our garden
and my dad's one! Some I planted at the moment I came home, some the next days. Have to
think about where's the best place to put them!
This weekend I will spend with my dad and brother. I am glad about that, because our street
is a non-stop road works. That means there is a permanent bunch of noises and that is some-
thing I can't stand. Noisiness is the hell for me.

So I hope there is no road works where you live and you can enjoy a calm & undusty weekend!


  1. Mir geht's genauso, ich hasse Lärm! Stresst mich total. Das stört mich am meisten an unserer Wohnung in Wien, dass es immer laut ist, wenn man das Fenster öffnet und im Sommer kann man auch nicht bei offenem Fenster schlafen, da glaubt man, der Bus würde direkt durchs Zimmer fahren und leider wohnen wir gleich ums Eck der U4 Disco, da laufen dann auch noch die grölenden Besoffenen nachts rum :(
    Ich wünsch dir eine ruhige, erholsame Zeit bei deiner Family!

  2. you got one for your dad! It was very nice of you.

    What kind of plant is the 1st photo? very nice.

    I like quiet environment too and always look for peaceful quietness, only I can hear birds and leaf swinging when wind blows.
    I am a quiet person too.

    Enjoy your day with your brother and dad.

  3. Oh, such a good choice of plants! I love fuchsia's , they're so incredibly pretty once the flowers are open. And they remind me of my childhood, we used to have a plant like this at home and I always put the flowers in my hair when I was a kid.

    Enjoy the silence, it's something precious!

  4. oh, this little fuchsia is lovely :)

  5. thank you for your comment! you must visit us again, we really have wonderful places :)

    such beautiful flowers you have! i wish i have more space to have a mini garden!


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