Freitag, 8. April 2011

Iced Chai.

Yesterday I brewed some Chai by Jessica's recipe. You can find it here. I couldn't get any
whole cardamom so I replaced this item with anis pods. The first half I drank immediatly
but the rest I put in the freezer and had it this afternoon while sitting outside barefoot
and enjoying the warm spring weather!

Thank you Jessica, for sharing this! It was delicious!


  1. sounds and looks good. did you have to stir it at all? i would think it would just become a big icecube if you didn't...

  2. You seem to like cold food a lot :) This recipe is very interesting, I like Jessicas blog a lot! It's great that you already tried her recipe out!

  3. mmmm! that looks good. i will try it for sure. maybe use some condensed milk for sweetness...

  4. Freezing it is such a good idea! Mmm, I'll have to do this soon.

  5. This looks delicious .... <3
    I also wanted to say thank you for your support !!



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