Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011


Is there a stresslimit in life? Today they told us, that they sold the house our flat is part of and where we are living
for about 5 and a half years now. Not that I feel bored or something.

Image by Joanna Gorlach.


  1. Oh so sorry to hear this! Hope it's not to hard to get another place to live for you.

    (fantastic image)

  2. I do hope you can quickly find a nice place to live. It's so rude! It must be difficult, especially because you've lived there so long.

  3. If the picutre shows how you are feeling about, than i hope you will keep all the moments that happend in that flat in these five years and take them with you in the best way you can. trust me, there is another cute, cozy smiling flat waiting for your furnitares and YOU out there!!! Hope it wont be too hard for you leaving this place full of memories!


  4. It must mean that something fantastic is waiting in the wings for you to find for your next dwelling ~ best wishes for a peaceful transition!

  5. Ojeoje, wann müsst ihr denn raus? Kann mir vorstellen, dass das zieml ein Schock war, als ihr das erfahren habt!

  6. As soon as I saw picture, I was wondering if something has happened to you and worried.
    I hope you feel ok and I am sure some good things will happen next!! I am praying for you here.

  7. Bah, that doesn't sound like very good news… But it's like Magdalena says, there is definately another pretty flat waiting for you that will make you forget the sadness on the old one… I'm in the same position as you are now, and that tought keeps me optimistic on finding something new.

    Take care, don't let it get to you too much :)

  8. Wahou, really not cool (mühsam of Deutsch ?!)
    When do you have leave ?

    A better place is waiting for you somewhere, I guess



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