Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011


It's raining since yesterday & it's getting colder again. Today I will spend in cozy clothes, taking some developed
film rolls for scanning (curious if there is anything left to scan, I had a little accident with it after exposure) & some
more work on my thesis. It's coming to an end, I can see it. So I wish you all a nice day!


  1. If your photos are going to look like the one you've posted - I'm sure it's not a problem at all that your film had a little accident. I really love this one.

    Enjoy today! There's no more rain here today. Just a pale, blue sky. Very different from yesterday.

  2. What a happy accident with your pictures! But I can understand that it bugs you if the pictures were meant to be used for your thesis! Good luck for the final spurt!

  3. ps: what a lovely "Hirschkäfer" you have on the right side!

  4. Thank you for visiting so I get to visit your lovely blog. You draw beautifully...

  5. You can't call this one an accident, it's lovely! That's what makes analog pictures so wonderful.

  6. I like this accident!
    What is the subject of your thesis ?

    I will do this tomorrow; spend the all day in cozy clothes with books & hot chocolate! I discover today that tomorrow is a holiday in Germany Ouhou ! +1

    Bonne nuit,

  7. Great picture, this is what makes film photography so precious.

    Good luck with your thesis!

  8. I am so glad that I can comment on your's now!
    Good luck with your thesis.


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