Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

I love gardening.

One of our neighbours left his flat already & so I could get some berries which grow on his part of the garden.
Maybe I'll pick them all, as long as noone else is interested, to make some juice out of them. Today I had a
sandwich with arugula pesto, grilled fennel & cucumbers! All homegrown, it's to good to have a garden!

Mia's blog is so lovely, her post are so intimate & encouraging. I really should give spirituality a bigger
part in my life.


  1. Thanks for your sweet encouragement on my photos! It's always a bummer when they don't turn out quite how you want, but I think that's part of the beauty of film.
    I just found Mia's blog too - I really enjoy her sweet posts and focus on the Lord.

  2. Oh my god! Do you grow all those vegetables at your garden? Such a lucky girl! Not only for the garden itself; but because I think your plants love you :)

  3. DEine Fotos sind köstlich :) ich mag diese pure ästhetik ohne viel schnick schnack sehr!
    und die liebe für das selbstgezogene liet wohl im menschen und ist sooo rein und gut!

  4. You are so lucky to have a garden! Enjoy all your fresh fruits and vegetables!

  5. Oh, wish I had a garden. Everything looks so yummy!

  6. mmmm! great harvest. this sandwich looks fantastic!

  7. every picture looks so fresh and tasteful. I hope my radish will come out good.

  8. Looks lovely and what a tasty sandwich!


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