Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011


Today I harvested some mint leaves to dry for making my own tea. It has such a lovely & different taste when it is
made by whole leaves. We have two different kinds of mint, you can see the different shaped leaves above.
Had some rucola pasta for lunch.


  1. you are enjoying the season with lot of things being harvested! great.

  2. I love the smell of mint. To rub it between finger and thumb. I had quite a handsome and healthy crop of it growing in the garden until the possums decided they liked it too.

  3. wow, you take incredible pictures.
    so simple and perfect.

  4. beautiful! i love seeing the two intense-green leaves beside each other. (wish i had a dress that color!) it's such a bizarre and simple idea to grow and harvest your own herbs and vegetables—and so fulfilling.

  5. It's amazing to see how different they are. I'm sure the tea must've been very good. I'm jealous to hear you're harvesting so much. :)

  6. My rucola is growing really fast!! you were right! :)
    I also have some mint in the balcony, delicious for the tea... and the mojitos ;)

  7. Such lovely pictures.

    Mint must be my favourite herb, such wonderfull flavour. Sadly my plant is not big enough yet to make tea from.

    Your pasta looks delicious. I ate it with my eyes.

  8. Minze ist toll, ich hab mir erst Ableger geholt, die bei mir brav im Wasser warten bis sie eingepflanzt werden können. Frischer Minze Tee ist echt so viel besser!

  9. barbara, yesterday, i made mint tea with my own mint from my little garden, i dried then first as you said and made tea. but it was not so good. I guess your mint must be different kind than i have.
    YOUR's tasted so much smoother and nicer.
    Have a wonderful weekend. i am off today and tomorrow. will do some sewing tomorrow, hopefully.


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