Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011


Some of my plants became bigger and bigger the last weeks, so I decided to do some repotting for relaxing.
Also one of my cactus got a beautiful flower! It never bloomed before, so I am really excited about it!


  1. Repotting always seems like a task to me until I actually start the process. Then, I feel so happy with my hands dirty and my plants happy. There's nothing like a house filled with happy plants. Congrats on your first bloom!

  2. I love repotting, it is really a very relaxing thing to do. So nice that your cactus got a flower!

  3. Congratulations on the beautiful cactus flower ~

    And may I compliment you on that amazing outdoor sink!

  4. you seem to have such a lovely garden! and you even have a cactus in flower. your green thumb is working miracles!

  5. there is nothing better then repotting your plants


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