Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

7 things.

I got my magazine printed! Finally & in time! I was so nervous they wouldn't make it.

I got a call from this school for an interview! It is tomorrow, so after my final speech for my B.A. studies I have to
speak for my M.A. proposal! I am so excited!

Tuesday was the hottest day of the year so far.

The first roll of film with the KONICA has finished & now I wait for it to be developed.
I am curious how they will look like.

This week I finally started some letterwriting & made some more notebooks.

I saw a guy who looked like Michel von Lönneberga. Just grown up.

Had some wonderful breakfast with a friend.


  1. Yay! I know how worried you were about the magazine! So glad they got it finished in time! Sounds like you've definitely had a great week and I hope the new one will be even better!

  2. oh glückwunsch :)
    das heftchen sieht ja toll aus. der umschlag ist wunderschön. musste gerade schmunzeln. fh mainz ist ja gleich um die ecke von mir (frankfurt).
    einen schönen restsonntag noch!

  3. It's so funny with name translations. Here his name is Emil. :-))

    Good luck with your interview!

  4. Gottseidank sind sie noch rechtzeitig fertig geworden mit dem Drucken! Das hätte mich auch ganz schön nervös gemacht, aber noch mehr wahrscheinlich das Interview! Wünsch dir ganz viel Erfolg!
    Alles Liebe!

  5. Sounds like you've been having a great time :)

  6. this is the third avocado plant i saw today, i also wish you good luck with it .

  7. so many exciting things happening for you. very happy for you!!!


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