Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

❙ ❙ ❙

Look, what I found in my mailbox yesterday! I came home after a long day of work at my part time job, the weather
was crazy and all my body hurt from a hectic night with no sleep. And then there was just this little beautiful yellow
striped package, waiting for me to get picked up! It came so fast from Lisa, I didn't expect it yet, so the surprise was
even bigger!

Thank you so much, Lisa, this really made my day!


  1. Sweet gifts! Great to have awesome friends... ^.^

    If you often have sleep problems, let me know, I know a pretty good chinese tea agains that "monster" :D

  2. Great package!! Lisa is such a lovely person!

  3. Wow, that was really fast! It only took one day to travel your way… I'm glad you like it!


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