Sonntag, 13. November 2011

7 things.

Autumn is mushroom time. I ate a lot this week.

Decided to reject television.

So I found some time to be creative again.

And to bake a cake. Unfortunately it was eaten immediately, so there are no pics.

New lovely books about grafic design & zineculture. Looking forward to sneek through..

Visited a vernissage. And they snapshot me. But not too bad to be on!

The weekend was really stressful. So it should not. We need to get a plan to calm down.


  1. stop television is a great beginning to calm down.
    clothe your eyes and listen your breath. it's working sometimes for me.
    I like the binding of your book.

  2. I like your drawing, it's so detailed and very beautiful!

  3. I really like the drawing! I'm very curious to see the finished version.

  4. Such lovely things! Sorry your weekend was stressful...hope the new week brings a better time.

  5. hehe :) that's what happens to cakes at my place too.

  6. Oh, but it must've been a very very tasty cake then :-)

  7. I adore your illustrations. ADORE them.


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