Sonntag, 27. November 2011

7 things.

Put my amaryllis bulb in soil. It showed up a new leaf already though it was put in dark and paper!

Hope I will find time to develop this old roll of film I bought with my Diana.

Got new apple trees to plant at my parents house.

First Christmas market for this season. But it still is not that cold to enjoy them really.

Baked a lot of christmas cookies with ♥.

Enjoyed this little blog. So lovely!

Had some fine turkish bakery! Full of syrup, but delicious!


  1. Oh, I'm looking forward to Christmasmarkets. We have one very close and it has been our tradition to drink something there. I love how cosy they can be.

    Such a lovely blog you suggested!

    Have a wonderful new week. :)

  2. Love the blog you linked there!
    Have a nice week!

    Syl (


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