Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Today I decided to have a day off. No studies. Thrifting & some shopping instead.
I bought some kind of christmas edition cookies for my bunny and the guinea pigs. Should be christmas trees,
I guess. And taste of strawberries, ananas and apple. Hope they like it.

Myself I found a 100% shetland wool sweater for only 5 Euros at the thrift store! Unfortunately I found a little hole
inside at home, but I can easily fix it. And I am looking forward to wear this huge and cozy blue cardigan, I also
fell in love with!

So it was a quite nice day, going to do a little bike ride now and wish you all a love wednesday too!


  1. I like the colors of those cookies. Nice founds!

  2. Sometimes you just need to sit down and do nothing. Each time I plan a day like that, I end up working though. Hope you managed to relax enough and I hope you enjoyed your day! And I love the cookies so much, so colourful.

  3. day off can be so important!
    I can imagine you wearing your sweater and your cardigan and eating cookies. do nothing.


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