Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

7 things.

Internet Breakdown.

Watched my succulent grow. Some photos will follow.

Lots of rain. Everything is grey & wet.

Lots of sheep and turkeys too! They're so funny. Love to have my own.

Preparing some packages & snailmail.

Finally found my watercolours! Think I will use them a lot next days.

Some years ago I started a snailhouse collection.


  1. hope you share your watercolour fun.

  2. I also have a small collection of snailhouses.
    I'm also curious what your going to draw.

  3. show us your collection! i'd love to see it (and the way you photograph it).

  4. Oh, it seems like it's 'the-time-of-the-year' to have an internet breakdown... :(


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