Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

7 things.

This week, I found this lovely package in my mailbox: Ellen from emmellien sent me the most beautiful handmade
print!!! I am so happy about it and hope to find the right place for it in my appartement! Thank you so much, Ellen ♥!

Watched the succulent blooming. 

Eat poached eggs a lot lately.

The first spring flowers appeared.

Did some drawings & wellness. Studies got all my attention lately, so it was more than needed.

This smoothie tastes awesome, maybe you'll give it a try too.

I am thinking about summer & gardening! Can't wait to start again!


  1. Getting mail is the best thing in the world! Good luck with your studies!

  2. poached eggs are the best! Beautiful photos here, I especially love the succulent plant. So looking forward to watching the plants grow again :-)

  3. I see more and more people who need mails and summer...I love that...I love both.
    Have a nice week.

  4. wish you much luck with the studies !

  5. your "7 things" are always SO GOOD. i love your food shots—simple and beautiful. xx

  6. the same for me, I can't wait to work more with my plants again!

  7. hi barbara
    that is the kind of bread i love and have been enjoying lately a lot.
    i finally found a good bakery where they sell many german and french bread.

    have you adjusted to your new apt? doing well?


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