Montag, 30. Januar 2012

7 things.

1_ Every week someone lovely is spoiling me with a snail-mail surprise! This time it was Vibeke and she sent me
the most beautiful things: wonderful soft wrist warmers, some lovely fabric, napkins and most intersting of all:
Blooming Tea Balls! I've never seen them before here in Germany and I am soso curious to see them blooming in
hot water! But I'll keep them for a very special moment, they are something precious! Have some of you ever tried
these balls?

2_ First semester came to an end, very stressful but also productive.

3_ Spent a funny evening with my class mates.

4_ Next day we had a cute little breakfast with some homemade Chai Latte! I love Chai! What is your favourite
kind of tea?

5_ This is post N° 200.

6_ Met one of my best friends for her incredible Apfelstrudel! (This week seems to be just about food & tea)

7_ No, there's a break on my studies for a few weeks I'am looking forward to answer all the lovely packages I got


  1. Happy mailday!!
    I've never seen those blooming tea balls before!! Let us know how it went!
    I've got so many kind of teas i like.. i love to taste lots of different kinds :)

  2. Wonderful photos as always. Chai Latte is delicious, especially around this time of year. Earl Grey is my favourite, I am drinking some right now :-)

  3. What a lovely package. Never seen blooming tea balls and never tasted Chai. My favorite tea is red fruits & aronia berry from Clipper, as long as it's fruity I like it :)

  4. Haven't seen those blooming teaballs before either. I'm curious how they look!
    I love a good Chai Latte as well, but my favourite tea of all is Bayram tea, made of apple, fig and date. Delicious!

  5. this snail mail
    is just wonderful,
    finnish fabric, warm grey knitting

  6. packages are so much fun. thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Lovely package!

    Apfelstrudel is great :)

  8. happy you liked it
    it also makes me happy to
    read your happy things "list" in this post : )



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