Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012


Cinnamon poached apples & raspberry poached pear. Both served hot, because it became so cold the last days.
And the strangest avocado pit ever. Put it in water so see if it grows.


  1. I really like your style of pictures. I mean in general. So simple but great at the same time

  2. it looks
    like a porcelain bead,!
    and i like to eat same
    things these days

  3. I'm think like Olga. It's like porcelain. It can be an amazing necklace.

  4. Mmmmmhhhhh...
    yummy! NUMBER ONE, please!

  5. that is a very unique looking pit. Hope it grows. I have such a difficult time growing avocado they just wont work for me!


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