Sonntag, 11. März 2012

7 things.

Working on a mobile for my suite.

Lots of fruit this week.

Starting gardening season.

Enjoyed the sun.

Somedays one should not go out of bed.

I am bored of getting into trouble caused by my childish behavior.

The doggy got to visit the vet for an operation, but everything went well!

(I dried a lot of butternut squash seeds, if someone like to get some, send me an email!)


  1. I love these randoom pictures!

  2. It already looks like a lovely piece of art!

    I NEED a garden too!!! Enjoy yours!

  3. It's so hard to acting always like we wanted to do.
    I really love your work.
    The sun start to be good...

  4. I love all of the photos throughout your blog. They are so simple yet stunning.

  5. I'm really into blueberries at the moment - I've been having them in my porridge (yum!).

    p.s. I've just discovered your blog and I love it. Very beautiful design and images.

  6. im so excited to see the finished product! i love making mobiles. i would make more, but i have no place to put them. i have so many ideas already!

  7. I wish I had a garden.
    Curious how your mobile will turn out.

  8. Ohh I want some butternut squash seeds! :) I'm so excited to see your mobile. It looks lovely already. P.S. Thank so much for the sunshine award! I answered the questions. <3


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