Freitag, 20. April 2012


Lovely little package from wonderful Sewon waiting for me! She sent me some chive seeds, I will sow later today! Thank you so much, can't wait for warmer days to see all my sowings grow!

On Saturday night we're off to Stockholm for 3 days going on to another 3 days Munich! See you after this week
full of inspiration of creative people!


  1. Have fun in Stockholm & Munich!! I'm a little bit jealous of Stockholm.. it's on my wishlist!
    Enjoy Barbara!

  2. such a lovely drawing on the envelope! snail mail is fun :)
    and enjoy your travels!

  3. Enjoy your travels!
    This mail is so nice.

  4. It´s amazing to receive an envelope like this! adorable bird! hope you have a nice time travelling!

  5. I'm so glad my mail arrived safely, Barbara. I can't wait to see photos of your garden!

  6. this is one lovely, lovely letter!


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