Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012


Seems like summer is coming back! Last week I could harvest some veggies: fennel, radish & carrots are ready!
What about your gardens? I feel really blessed we are able use the garden of my ❤'s parents! It's the best to calm
my mind.


  1. Wow! your garden is way more advance than mine! Look at those radishes! Yum!

  2. i also am amidst the garden of the in-laws. courgettes are lovely, spinach is on its way.

  3. Your garden seems amazing.
    I find a lot of fruit this week on my parent's garden.

  4. your harvest looks good. sadly my tomatoes plants did not make it and last year i had such lovely tomatoes plants that i grew from the seed into big plants, with many tomatoes on them, but now this year it is not going good. even my strawberry plant is not doing so good, last year i had so many strawberries and now i only have like 4 strawberries and they are not even that big as they were last year. maybe it has to do with the weather don't know. but i sow many salad, it grows very quick : ) hope i have a little outside garden too one day, i am on a waiting list for an allotment garden.
    enjoy the summer and the time in the garden, it is the best !
    good weekend!


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