Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Spring spring!

This morning I cleaned the flat for Mr T coming home today. Fixing of his apendix went well,
just three little cuts under his belly.
For then I have a quite strange but calcium rich breakfast: a cheese plate! In spite of the fact that
there is nothing else in the fridge than several sorts of cheese I found a pear for vitamine part.
I love cheese, especially the creamy strong ones! Yesterday was a very sunny and warm day, so
today will be as well, I guess. All of the windows are open for fresh air my plants are enjoying as
much as sun!


  1. Very unique breakfast!
    My fridge is also always very empty - so my meals often end up being very unusual :)
    Speedy recovery to Mr. T!

  2. Your monstera looks wonderfull…


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