Sonntag, 27. März 2011

This week.

Because Lotte's looks so great, I gave the avocado plant another try this week.
A lot of blood oranges and the biggest grapefruits I have ever bought.
Everything is blooming, so beautiful! Especially the cherry flowers!
Second round for the little greenhouse, hopefully as sucessful as the first!
I did some gardening.
Bunnies enjoyed their first garden run!
Nice deserts and ice cream.
First walk without socks in my summer shoes.
And yesterday there was barbecue for dinner, yummy!


  1. Such a nice photos! Your pets look so sweet.

  2. wow, I have to thank you! :) <333
    Cute pictures! ♥

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time! I would love the have your desert now, it looks so delicious! I am jealous of your blooming trees, here nothing is blooming still. Lovely greetings!

  4. that juice looks soooo good! very nice series. i wish it was spring here. we still have snow!


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