Sonntag, 10. April 2011

7 things.

I sewed a little.
Went for a run again and it wasn't worse than last week.
Went for a walk every day since Wednesday! Yeah!
Joined the wonderful speech of a friend presenting her final project. It was about loneliness & lovely!
Baked myself a Sunday-cake.
I really need a haircut. The "Dutt" is the only fitting hairdo at the moment.
Saw the first blooming strawberries!

I wonder if I will ever have luck with an avocado plant. This one is three weeks old and absolutely
nothing happened.


  1. It looks like you had a lovely week. I wish you a lot of luck with your avocado plant, I've never tried it - but seeing different bloggers trying, it seems a very difficult thing to do.

  2. Oh but i love your updo-hairstyle!!
    I wanna try the avocado plant too, i saw Lotte's a few days ago on her blog and hers really seems to grow succesfully! I don't have her green fingers though....

  3. Your sunday cake looks delicious, my strawberries are in bloom too can't wait to eat them :)

  4. Lovely pics!!! I can understand your happines about trying to go out for a walk every day! It's a very very very good idea and so cool when you really make it! I'm crossing my fingers :D Dont give up even there will be days without a walk.
    The sunday cake looks delicious. What is it?
    And one tip for the avocado (my boyfriend is a master on that :D) You dont have to use the toothpicks because of hurting the plant. Maybe you will need another avocado core to do it again but it should work then! You need a lemon grid to hang it into the water without hurting it. Really, you'll see it will work! Wish you that your avocado ´will grow for you!

  5. Your Sunday cake looks amazing! I wish I could have some!
    And I've always wanted to try the avocado plant, I hope yours is successful :)

  6. oh Goooott! Beim Anblick der Schokotarte ist mir das Herz stehen geblieben! Kann ich bitte das Rezept haben?! :-)

  7. my avocado is not doing anything at all, started to worry if I did something wrong.
    I am curious what you are sewing..I love the color of your fabric. seems very soft. cotton or linen?
    would you show us when you finish making it?

  8. you have to be very, very patient with an avocado. Mine also took a very long time to show a sign of life, but now he's growing steady for a few years and getting bigger and bigger. Good luck with it!

    And I love the picture of your 'dutt'.

  9. I hope your avocado will grow soon!
    I also wear a Dutt most of the time, I don't like the feeling of hair hanging into my face very much :)

  10. I loved hearing about (and seeing) your weekend. Good luck with your avocado! I'm not having any luck with mine either, but it's only been a week. I think I'll put a few more in water and hope for at least one to sprout.


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