Sonntag, 24. April 2011

7 things.

Stumbled over this nice food blog via Sarah's.
Prepared our garden & bunnies summer home.
Painted old but gratis garden furniture. Took about 5 hours, we didn't expect that.
Found the mice nest from last year.
Ate a lot of ice cream. But our homemade berry one was the best!
Enjoyed the sun with our families & got some tan on my skin already!
Sewed some cowls out of the dyed fabric, I will show later this week.

PS: Can you see the wild garlic spread over the forest's floor?


  1. cant believe you made homemade ice cream! thats amazing and it looks SO CUTE!. also jut spent like 10 mins of that food blog.. its great i serioulsy LOVE food blogs ahhhhh. hey girl, thanks for your comments i love reading them!

  2. The icecream looks really delicious! It's fun to know the blog of Sarah McNeil now. I've known her work for a while, but didn't know she has a blog. Thanks.

  3. I like painting furniture a lot! But I know it can take some time...
    I still had no ice cream this year, I really have to change that soon :)
    Am looking forward to your self-made cowls!
    Lovely greetings + Happy Easter!

  4. It looks amazing ! Thanks for sharing that lovely food-blog with us. It's amazing !

  5. the bärlauch looks beautiful! I used to live Tübingen and remember seeing it for the first time on the forrest floor and just gasping- it looked like something out of the Jurassic Park movies. It's such a shame we don't have it here in the States, there are so many dishes to make with it. The possibilities are endless!

  6. is the white flower, garlic flower?
    very cute looking.

    yes, I like to saw a lot and make bags, kitchen items, clothing, etc....
    and most of my fabric are either linen or cotton. I just love how linen feel on my skin and it is long lasting fabric. I will post some more.
    Do you saw? would like to see yours too.


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