Sonntag, 3. April 2011


Just came back from a 2 hour fleamarket tour! I am totally done. It is really hot today, I don't
want to complain. But after the dark month of winter I need some time to get used to sun. Now
my head aches, well done, girl!
But let me show you my finds:
A large lovely plate, handcoloured, maybe ArtDeco, I am not quiet sure. Don't
know what I will do with it, but I knew, if I didn't let it come with me, I would regret it!
Then I found four lovely dishes called "Hahn und Henne"! I already have a flat
one, a soup plate and a large pot from my mum. Now I try to complete the collection step by
step! So this was a very fine find!
And thirdly I bought a lovely book with short stories about rabbits. Imprint says it is from 1911,
I can't hardly belief it, because the book is in such a good condition! And I have to confess:
I just bought it because of the lovely cover in cream and apricot!


  1. The plates are really lovely. It's always fun when a fleamarket visit turned out well - especially because you found plates for your collection.

  2. That first plate is a stunner, girl! It would be nice to see the others in your collection :)

  3. I love that tray!! Good thing you bought, i'm sure you'll find a way to use it!
    That book looks like it's in a splendid condition, unbelievable it's 100 years old!!!!


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