Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

7 things.

Monday was horrible. I couldn't find my wallet. I looked everywhere. In the evening I found it
in my bf's backpack. I carried it with him the whole day!
I listened a lot to Chic & Frenchy Radio on iTunes.
Found this piece of wood and loved the structure worms have made. I think I work on it and
wax it, to give it a shiny look.
Wanted to finish my proposal. Didn't yet.
Decided to make my own muesli again.
Enjoyed watching the bunnies exploring the garden.
Tried to make this a part of my life.


  1. pretty photos! thanks for adding me to your blog read list!

  2. That piece of wood is really lovely! Glad that you found your wallet in the end!!

  3. Uhhh la la,
    this set is beautiful! Th elast one is a real treasure you found, and the bridge is so much inviting to nature! lovely.

    greets from m

  4. lovely series again! love the snail shells. and that stick is pretty nice!


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