Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

7 things.

This week I had a talk with the print company for my B.A. thesis! Now it's getting REALLY serious!
I worked a lot & could make a huge step forward! Yay! You can see my current workspace above.
We spend a nice afternoon with a friend in MZ & had a yummy dinner together.
Cream cheese & melon - very delicious combo!
Thought about a long holiday while waiting for his parents to arrive at the airport.
Unfortunately I lost at least one pepper plant to the "cute" bunny with the funny hair (his name is Casimir)! The
devil is a squirrel!
I ate cute little & tasty woodland strawberries! Yum!

To all of you: Have a wonderful new week!


  1. wow, i love how your thesis is coming along - it's a long term goal of mine to publish a little photo book someday.

  2. I ate also a lot of woodland strawberries this weekend when I was at my family's home, I love their taste! Congratulations for your big step forward with your thesis! It's so nice if an end is in sight :)
    Your bunny is so sweet, I know how it feels when pets destroying something. Sunny is stealing my wool sometimes and then you can throw it away :) I hope Casimir liked the pepper plant at least and had some yummy dinner :)

  3. I just bought a new tub of cream cheese! Never knew it would go well with melon, imma gonna try it :) let you know what I think :9

    You have a great week too!

  4. I once had a cat named Casimir!

  5. bagel + cream cheese + melon is delish! took a photo :)


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