Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Actually I wanted to show you some pics of a swan family & their cute babies I saw on my bike trip yesterday!
But unfortunately I couldn't find them anymore, maybe they were hiding. Mh. This and Claudia's latest posts
inspired me for another sketch fitting to the series I have planned.

And I made a decision: Even if there is a lotlotlot of work I have to allow myself some time off for a walk, bike
trip or drawing. I calms me down & clears my mind.


  1. It's very good you give yourself a break like that from time to time. I am sure it'll help you. And if you make more drawings like the beautiful one you're showing, I'm only supporting the breaks even more!

    Is there a chance you'll pick a penguin for the series? :)

  2. Thats a good new decision! Your new illustration is lovely! Sorry to hear that your swan family was hiding in the end, but maybe you have luck the next time!

  3. The drawing is great! You're talented!

  4. loooove this drawing.
    very good decision you made, reminds me i should do the same...


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