Freitag, 13. Mai 2011


So there was some mess with blogger today and my last post has disappeared.
There was a lot of work the last days - and there will be even more to come. I am spending 7+ hours infront of my
laptop, just a lot of coffee and CreativeSuite! No time to enjoy the beautiful weather and my garden.

But today was different. I grapped my cameras (always two, the analogue and the digital - for ensurance), jumped
on my bike and went for a shooting tour around the village neighbourhood!

Some photos I have just taken with my Minolta for my B.A. thesis (that's what keeps me working.). I have never
figured out the way how to create that analogue look with a digital cam. Maybe there is none. That's probably why
people keep on photographing on film maybe.


  1. love these photos! Don't work to hard!

  2. Same here as well.... Creative Suite all day....
    The pictures for your project are awesome! I like your project a lot!
    Unfortunately I don't know which Flower that is (on my picture), I asked myself the same...but I like its from an colour a lot, maybe I will find out soon.

  3. I sometimes miss these long days filled with Adobe. I really like the photos you made. I'm curious about your project now, especially after seeing these photos. Keep the hard work up! Soon enough you'll be able to enjoy the weather.

  4. It's such a good idea to just take a break and take some photos, have fun this weekend!! Don't work tooo hard!

  5. I noticed a lot of posts got deleted and reposted. I only lost the comments.

    Anyways. I'm somewhat jealous of your days being filled with Adobe. I remember how I loved the whole routine I tried to create to finish all my work for school. That's something I miss right now. Hang in there!

  6. 've been wanting to comment on your photo.

    I am found of birds and chicken! I would love to own my own chicken and wake up them calling me "Kukkuku ku....."!
    this is the kind of life I dream of.
    Thanks for the nice one.

    Good luck with your project!

  7. Putting filters on your digital photo's isn't the same as taking pictures with an analogue. Love the trill of waiting when they are developing and even when a few don't turn out to be that perfect, I still love them.

    Love your chicken pictures and good luck with your thesis!

  8. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. I took my new Pentax ME Super out for the first time today :)

    I keep shooting film because it is a slower process. It's a craft that takes mastering. How nice it is to escape the instantaneous nature of digital.


  9. I too love the way film looks, digital just can't quite compare...and I had a mess with blogger deleting my post about your blog too - boo

  10. oh wow, I really love these! the chickens, colours, everything. good luck with your thesis!

  11. lovely series! it's true that film looks a lot softer than digital.
    good luck with all your work!

  12. oh, the last picture is so very awesome. couldn't pass by without leavin a comment :)


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