Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

Right at the beginning of my photo tour today, my 5 Euros-one season-sandals decided that this season is over
now. So usually I don't carry another pair of shoes with me, so I had to do my tour barefoot. Almost 3 hours long.
You can see the result. I'll have a bath now. Till tomorrow.


  1. The same happened to me once, but I was in the city and would rather have been in the nature with my bare foot :)
    Nice feet, by the way !

  2. sorry for your sandal, it seems very comfortable though.
    I don't want to bother your busy day by leaving many comments but I can't help it because I was craving for chatting with you till now!
    Sun is rising here now,Sunday morning. looks like it's going to be very nice day.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. Thanks for fixing commnet section(^^), I am glad.

  3. Brave! I would have been quite uncomfortable.


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