Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

7 things. And growing.

The last week had a couple of very hot and sticky days what made the first tomatoes started to grow!

And the first cucumbers were ready to be harvested (and fennel too)! I pickled them, because I never tried to pickle
something. I am curious how they will taste.

I slept a lot while it was raining outside.

Then it turned cold and I had to wear my winter boots again! There was a fall of temperature around 15°.

My man booked a flight to paradise. There I will eat tons of my favourite dish.

Had to thought about, what was the most exciting moment in my life. I can't tell, I really don't know.
What was your most excitingn moment?

Maybe I will try this to attract more little birds to our garden.


  1. Your vegetables look so nice. The heat has been so unbearable lately. I'm pleased it rained a bit this morning.

    I don't have one specific exciting moment - just a whole bunch of them. They made me the way I am.

  2. Oh, that fennel looks so delicious. I think it is one of my favourite vegetables. And how exciting you are travelling to Thailand! Whereabouts will you be heading?

    My most exciting moment was quitting my job and moving to the other side of the world. x

  3. your plant and flower photos are always so pretty!
    my most exciting moment had to be getting married - typical, i know, but nothing tops it.

  4. I don't have one special moment. Maybe when I visited a different country or when I had a blind date with the man who is now my boyfriend :)

    Wow, you are lucky, you have already cucumbers! They look great!

  5. you make nature look so beautiful!

  6. This plant on picture number 4, is it the same then mine (

    If yes, wahou!!! It's getting so big!

    I like all your growing things.

  7. lovely post. your garden is full of surprises and promises.

  8. Hej Johanna, yes, it's the same kind of plant! Mine is getting new flowers for the second time this year! Enjoy yours!


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