Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Sunday night my computer decided to rest now. The mainbord totally collapsed.
I got it fixed immediately but all of my programs don't work anymore.
I am quiet glad that it happened now, two weeks earlier would have been the worst case ever!


  1. My screen turned black the Friday before I had to finish my graduation project. My second laptop died on me the day after. Luckily I was taking backups every 30 minutes. How I managed it at the end is still a mystery, but I can assure you that I totally know what you mean. :)

  2. shucks, computer trouble is the suckiest, dislike all the time wasted waiting while installing programs. but yes, your computer timed itself nicely :D

  3. Oh, I know these problems, last year I had troubles too with my old mac, it got too hot and shut itself off suddenly and I had to work on an important project....not funny at all...
    Your meal looks very individual!

  4. I never liked dealing with computer problems..I hope yours will recover soon! What are on your toast? Looks delish!

  5. oh computers...your meal looks lovely though!

  6. sorry i didn't realize it was not a wanted computer break. i hope all this is fixed by now and that you didn't loose any file.
    your photo makes me hungry


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