Freitag, 15. Juli 2011


Because my laptop was down, I finally found some time for long waiting projects.
One was to sew something nice from the wonderful fabrics Coco sent me.
I had some trouble with the zipper and the inlet, because I did not use a pattern. I have to sew more to get used
to the process.


  1. sewing is so fun! i love the fabric you chose.

  2. I'm actually taking sewing lessons right now and am so eager to be able to make things. Your fabric is lovely and I think the pouches are adorable!

  3. Die sind toll geworden!Zip einnähen ist anfangs zieml. knifflig...

  4. I really love the combination. :) And it looks great!
    I know enough about sewing to make what I want, but I want to try to follow lessons in the future. To learn more detailed things.

  5. I need to start sewing more too - I've been so lazy about it! these are great

  6. these are darrrrlingggggggg. you have such an eye for designnn


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