Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

After another few days of sickness (this time me, who wonders) our last day in Chiang Mai arrived. And we are
going to explore some temples today and having a relaxing massage this evening. The next days we will head over
to the beautiful island Kho Phangan. Unfortunately our arrival will fall on the same date as the monthly full moon
party (if you don't know about, google it). I am not happy about that, because that means a lot of party people and noisenoisenoise. But there will be the ocean. That keeps me positive!


  1. dear mdmsslle,

    wish you so much fun in the land of buddha.
    can understand that you dont want to be at ko phangan at full moon party time. I can hardly recommend you Koh tao's suth, if you have the opportunity to go there. the haad thien resort is the best you can go there!!!

    :-) wish you a nice stay.

  2. wow. this is amazing. reminds me - visit foreign country asap.


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