Sonntag, 7. August 2011

7 things.

Mango & pomelo. Dragon fruit for breakfast.

Lots of Reading & Sun.

Had a stop-over in Dubai; very interesting city!
We'll stay there for a couple of days on our way home!

Somehow the Bangkok wild dogs almost disappeared...

Tomorrow we'll head up to Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand.

Spent a wonderful evening yesterday with a nice band, Som tam
(spicy Papaya salad, my favourite) and in the Best company!

Btw, I am currently posting via a smartphone for the first time.
I hope I'll get used to it, at the moment it is a bit confusing, my fingertips
seem to be too big.


  1. Wow, blogging works really good from your smartphone! Wonderful to be able to be a part of your holiday! Enjoy all the impressions!

  2. I remember the pomelo fondly - eat a few for me :)

    Enjoy every minute of your adventure doll! x

  3. great first post from your phone! and your trip seems to be very nice. looking forward for more!

  4. Oh, so nice to read your adventures !
    And it's a great post, as always, you do it good to make post on your phone. :-)


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