Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

7 things.

Sorry again for being such a bad blogger lately, but there was so much going on last week:

I met a lot of new, interesting and (so far) lovely people!

Our first project was to organize dinner for all of us was hectic, chaotic but exciting.

Friday we spent the whole day at the MMK.

And I saw Ai Wei Wei's and Serge Spitzer's installation "Ghost Gu coming down the Mountain"!

We went to the farmers market & ate our first chanterelles for this season. They were so good and finished immediately,
I couldn't even take a picture of them to show you!

I love pomegranate & figs!

I am not ready for winter yet, I hate freezing.


  1. My you have been busy! Hope everyone will continue to be as charming as they are now and that your next week will be wonderful.

  2. Oh, I love pomegranate and figs too! Such perfect fruits.

    The art installation looks incredible.

  3. j'aime voir des grenade partout en ce moment. j'en ai ramassé tellement ce week end. c'est beau

  4. Beautiful pictures as always dear. It's nice to hear you're settling in. x

  5. I need to go and buys some figs NOW. Love the installation.

  6. The exhibition looks great! Glad that you found nice people in your new place!


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