Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011


Finally got the account for using the internet here at the new school.
Last week was pretty heavy, but now we can work on our own most of the week.
I really like working my own schedule.

I never lived in a city before. It's so noisy. I miss the countryside.
But home is not that far & I will go there in a few hours to spend my weekend there.


  1. Beautiful shot darling. Enjoy your time at home! x

  2. Glad you are getting some time to yourself finally. I know how hard it is to not be able to work on your own schedule. Have a good weekend!

  3. I just experienced a very similar transition from having no connection at home (here at school) and having to go look for free wi-fi cafes every day, to finally being connected to the world from my own bed on my own terms. Saves so time, indeed :)
    Have a great school year! :)

  4. i know how you feel. living in a city makes me feel lonely and homesick too. then, i look for cozy comfy place for myself that i can relax..
    but i am sure you can make your own apt(?) or dorm make it comfortable for yourself...
    oh something you can do to overcome this, sometimes putting your own handmade thinkgs and your favorite pictures in your room works for me. good luck.
    love, coco

  5. I know how difficult it is to make the move to the city. It took me a whole year to properly adjust, but I was alone at that time. So it will probably be different for you. One day I'll return to the countryside, but for now I'm happy with my little place in this huge city. You learn to appreciate the lifestyle faster than you think. :) Much love!

  6. I too was a country to city transfer, and I adore both now. You'll grow to love your new place, I'm sure. Beautiful beautiful photo, friend.

  7. It's hard to get used to the city if you grown up in the countryside. The alarm of a car directly in front of our flat started to yell constantly the whole night :/
    And I can understand you about your own schedule. I also prefer to work on my own. Otherwise I can't really concentrate. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. sorry to hear you are home sick. i hope you will get use to your new place soon. cities are very exciting. beautiful shot!

  9. I am homesick for my city!Now I live in a smaller one... It will pass :)


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