Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

7 things.

I am freezing.

Moving out of our aparement is going to be finishid soon.

The last harvest of the summer & our own garden. And some peppers even turned red in the end!
(It makes me really sad to leave this little space behind, even today, when I left it covered with sun.)

I really need some days off. One would be enough.

Had a little accident with my boy's car. It's got a really dramatic sound now. Ups!

Almost went to Berlin for the weekend, but it was too expensive in the end. In Germany the train ticket fees vary
from the date you are booking - early is cheap, short-term is the double.

Not much healthy eating this week, little fruit and veggies. Lots of coffee. Graving for a big bowl of veggie pasta.


  1. Loveliness! Hope you have a great week.

  2. Hope you have a lovely start of the week. It would be nice if you find a day off, just to get your energy back.

  3. I am so glad to find your blog. Lovely picture, it make me smile.

  4. i am freezing tooooo. maybe some spicy veggie pasta would help!

  5. hope you are doing ok.
    enjoy your vege pasta. the one i had today, i really like it, it is very simple and easy, quick one but satisfied with it.
    Barbara, in your new apt(place), do you have a garden or balcony that you can grow plants?

  6. I hope you get a day off soon - those are so necessary! pretty photos as always!

  7. hi there!

    i had some veggie pasta for lunch just today. :)

    worth knowing about Germany's train pricing. i so want to visit Berlin. i've only been to the south of Germany.

  8. Ich friere auch! Und wenn ich dran denke, dass es noch nicht mal richtig Winter ist, brrrrrrr!!!
    Hier sind die Zugtickets auch so teuer, eigentlich eine Frechheit in Zeiten wie diesen, dass Zugfahren teurer als Autofahren ist, das sollte echt nicht sein...
    Hoffe, du hast bald wieder mehr Zeit für dich selber!


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