Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

Hanna Aberg & Cheese.

I am hungry. But I have to wait. No snacking.
We will have an original swiss dinner tonight, not very healthy but a lot of melted creamy cheese fondue.
Will be my first cheese fondue and I read that the traditionally served beverage to it is - black tea!?
Strange combination, I think. But we'll see.

(Photo from the wonderful Hanna Aberg. You should take a look at her amazing artwork!)


  1. I've actually never had a cheese fondue before, even though I love to eat cheese. Especially when it's melted.

    Have a lovely dinner!

  2. I've never had cheese fondue before either, but I would to sometime. Sounds like a fun evening!

  3. I had cheese fondue when I was in Geneva. I was so surprised you would only dip bread in the melted cheese! And we only had the choice of either charcuterie plate or soup as side dishes! It was so delicious tho, I hope you enjoy it tonight.

  4. black tea? how interesting. let us know if you try it.

  5. this looks super delicious!! we really like the layout of your blog! so clear and nice!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  6. this looks perfect! I love how your style your photographs.

  7. I never had a cheese fondue in my life, I hope it was wonderful! I did not know that it is served with black tea normally...maybe it has something to do with helping the fat of the cheese to digest, I don't know...


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