Dienstag, 1. November 2011

Because today is World Vegan Day & because it was also a holiday here, I found the time to finally test making
nut milk! I made it with almonds just adding some water after watering them over night. It tastes like nothing,
do you have any suggestions or advices to get more taste out of the nuts? I took 150 g of nuts for one liter of


  1. I smile when I read "it taste like nothing". I didn't expected that.
    I would like try but no time right now. That intriges me.

  2. Oh, wauw, i didn't knew that 'nutmilk' existed. Hope you can find a way to give it more flavour. Good luck !

  3. Do you use a blender to crush the nuts? And do you add some salt and let it cook shortly?

  4. I want to make it to, but still didn't. I think claudia can give you some tips for it.

  5. Have you seen this post? I haven't tried it but may be helpful!!



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