Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

7 things.

Is it really Sunday again? Time is running so fast...

Went to the awesome Kienholz exhibition this week! Do you know their work?

The swiss fondue was delicious! But I decided to drink a white wine along, no tea.
We spent a wonderful evening with some colleques and some visitors from Australia! Now I am really thinking
about living in another country someday, Australia would be wonderful I think! Does anybody of you live/lived
away from home for a several time or still does?

Yesterday we went to Jupiter Jones, it was great! It was the 3rd time we saw them play and it's always different!

They was also a fabulous new band playing: "My Glorious" from Vienna!

Moving is finally done! F I N A L L Y! For this year...
(We're living with my boy's parents now when I am not at my student's appartement. I am feeling like a nomade
right now, always flipping araound.)

Next week there is a holiday and I will have a few days off.
I really need some time to think about and get some inspiration.


  1. A cousin of my boyfriend moved to Australia for a year and it sound so tempting to do the same. I'd also love to travel through America for a year. But right now I have to save first. :)

    I used to live at 4 places 2 years ago, I fully understand it's a bit stressing. Hopefully your move will be there very soon!

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. I know what you mean...Sunday...already?! I've always dreamed a bit of living in Australia and had even saved up a bit at one time to do so, but never got around to it. There is always the dream of someday though! Hope you have a great holiday!

  3. I hope you can enjoy your holiday! I would have real problems to live like you at the moment. Don't get me wrong, the parents of my bf are super nice, but I would not be able to relax to have always someone around me. Also I don't like it when my things are spread on different places, I had that when I started my first job and felt horrible about it. I always kind of need ONE place. I also thought many many time of moving to another country but never did in the end. Who knows what future brings...

  4. This week definitely came and went so fast!

    My best friend is preparing to move to Australia right now. She said it is lovely there.
    I'm from England originally and moved here to America years ago. It was very strange to get used to, but it helps you grow up a lot and I have learned so much from living within a new kind of culture.

    I hope you have a relaxing holiday!

  5. The food in the first picture seems delicious ! What is it ? haha
    I am thinking about studying one year abroad, next year. So exciting and scary at the same time ! I haven't really decided where yet, though I'm considering Sweden ! (I would have loved to go to Australia but unfortunately that's not possible ... hah!)


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