Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

2 - Update Dubai.

Dubai 2011. Hope to be there again someday. There where some questions about this big city. And I want to answer them though I just spent a few days there. First: it is really superficial. If you know the play "Hotel" from the 90's - it felt like being captured in it, like it becam real somehow. There are a lot of different architecture styles, a lot of unfinished superhuge buildings, but also a lot of sparkling and glamour. In the middle of the town, next to the Greek, there you find the historical part. My impression was, that the city is really rich and clean. It didn't saw real poor people there, but of course I didn't get close to the construction site. Everything is going to be rebuild after a few years, it seemed. A taxidriver told us, there are 80% foreign workers in town, but they're from everywhere around the world. He also told us, that the sheik let build a new metro system, and at some holidays everyone can ride for free. One point, that really strikes my conscience is the fact of the huge amount of energy and water they use every day. I mean, who needs a skiing hall in the desert? Airconditioning everywhere, turned down for about 20° outside. But as I was told they plan a suncollector plantage in the near future, maybe a first step to ecology. But nevertheless, it was a rather positive experience and if you know how poor people live in other big cities, this is not the worst. I think we could live there in our regular standards and obviously a lot of european people decide to work there for the simple fact of getting payed a lot more. This is of course my tourist view of things, but that's all I can tell. Wish you all a nice week!


  1. Such beautiful shots of Dubai! I stopped by Qatar once, and I remember it being incredibly expensive. There were only 4-5 star hotels available, and most people I encountered were foreign investors/expats. I'm really intrigued by these wealthy middle eastern countries!

  2. The skiing hall in the desert is really ridiculous! It must be a crazy experience to be in Dubai.
    I like especially the first picture and the lollies in the last :)


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