Samstag, 7. Januar 2012


For 2012:
First I thought "this is the most emotionless and resolutionless New Year's Eve I ever spent in my life". But after
these few days of the new year, some thoughts have appeared so I want fo fixed them here and share it with you:

Don't let them stress you so much. It's just a question about the right focusing. Importance and unimportance.

No more compromising and half-finished projects. Do your thing.

Find a place to call "home" again. A flat with a big kitchen would be enough ;-)!

More analoque photography. I'll start a photo project.

One drawing a week. Or even every second.

And have breakfast regularly.

Do you have any New Year's pledge?


  1. i got your lovely snailmail yesterday, thank you so much dear barbara!: ) mine is coming your way soon.

    i don't have a new years pledge but when a new year is starting i always reflect extra on what i want to focus one:
    -i want to continue working on beeing more good at beeing in the moment...have my thought on the here and now, not in the past or in the future.
    -and also the same as you write: working on keeping the right focus.
    -i want to start on new creative projects, like weaving.


  2. i never make resolutions for the new year, but i really like yours!

  3. Stop procrastinating and travelling.
    And be more and more happy.

  4. Well i'm looking forward to see more of your drawings cause i like them!!

    As for myself, i think the most important thing i'll try to do is finish stuff i start with, cause i've got a bad habit of starting projects with full energy but then stop halfway...

    Oh and also: enjoy the little happy things in life ;-)

  5. Yes, I like a drawing a day ....or yes maybe every other day..... good luck & Happy New Year!

  6. perfect goals, perfect perfect perfect. also that toast looks like the best treat right now.


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