Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012


Since our 2nd Valentine's Day I get a Cacti or a Succulent every year. First one 2011, hairy one 2012.

Thanks for all your wonderful relaxation tips! I tried some yet. I think a big reason was the interview yesterday,
that kept me in a stressy mood. Although I would never admit that to myself. It all turned out well, there's a new
focus now, I can work on.


  1. uii, (nr.2) solch einen habe ich noch nicht gesehen :D


  2. How wonderful. What pretty plants. Hope you are feeling less stressed now!

  3. your photo are more and more beautiful.

  4. huch, der zweite ist wundervoll! hab ich noch nie gesehen :) süsse idee!!

  5. wow,I've never seen such a lovely cacti which is in white !! I wish I could find one in HK. '`'


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