Montag, 13. Februar 2012

7 things.

Lots of freezy but sunny walks with the dog.

Have to calm my mind. I really have trouble to relax. Any suggestions?

A new job offer for my boy!!! Means we'll live together again soon!

I love fresh juice. I always mix several citrus fruit together.
Do you have a favourite juice or smoothie recipe?

Since my new studies, I am totally addicted to couscous. There's a shop selling the best couscous salad ever!
I tried to copy the recipe but didn't get it the really same way. Do you see me in the spoon?

After several tries since years (I always waited so long, that I didn't like the layout and had to start over again),
I managed to make a portfolio site. Not online yet, but in the final steps!

This week I will meet my Prof to talk about my thesis. I am not confident with it. Maybe I'll dismiss it for something
else. I am a bit afraid about that meeting. My future studies depend on this thesis.


  1. never had chance to eat couscous but your salad is pretty and looks good.
    to relax, it always help me having nice cup of hot tea/coffee and sit alone, possibly by the window and do some knitting or crochet. or if i am too tired and just want to relax, i have been drinking chamomile tea lately which really help me relax and smell good too.
    or you can just go to your favorite blog, most relaxing one and enjoy the photography.
    hope you do well meeting with prof tomorrow.

  2. Your food always looks so good!

    For me working on handmade things helps me to relax and taking a bath. Taking a bath is really my first medicine for everything! But I fear that you don't have a bath tube in your students home, do you?


  3. mmm delicious looking food photos :-) Best of luck with your thesis, I hope the meeting goes well. I find that the carrot and apple with a little ginger makes a really nice smoothie, great for the cold too as it has a lot of vitamins. Take care :-)

  4. Hmm, this looks delicious!
    I should put my portfolio online again, too. Such a work, though.
    Good luck with your thesis!

  5. this looks very tasty!
    hope everything goes well in your meeting.

  6. i love love couscous. we don't get it here so i always buy a few packets in england. doesn't last long though!

    good luck with that thesis interview!

  7. mmmmhmhhhh sooo lecker! Und die Farbgebung wieder mal schön stimmig und auf dem Punkt gebracht.jep, man sieht Dich einwenig in dem Löffel ;-))) und ich hoffe dass deine Arbeit gut ankommt und das Gespräch fruchtend sein wird und DIch weiterbringt damit Du sicherer wirst. Drücke die Daumen!

    Zum relaxen hilft mir immer immer immer MUSIK! Vorallem mit Kopfhörern, ganz nah, so dass du stereo hörst! und dann raus in die Natur!

    Liebe Grüüüße
    M wie Meeresrauschen

  8. these photos look so lovely. Good luck with the meeting with your professor, I hope it all goes well for you.

    Have you tried lavender to relax?


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