Montag, 5. März 2012

7 things.

Started meditating.

Saw the first crocus.

Goodbyes & old friends.

Long walks & workouts.

Finished some crochet work.

Even though french government nixed the title "Mademoiselle" from language use, I still love it.

One short week is left till the mania starts again.

(Remember when I came back from our long vacation last year, and recognized that my avocado didn't got the
care it was used to? I thought it was dead but now it grows again! I am so happy, because it took me so long
to get it rooted!)


  1. they nixed it? huh?

    starting to meditate is no small venture.

    our gardens are crocus carpets.

  2. Your plant looks so great!

    I'd like to start meditating, but ironically, I won't find the time to do so.

  3. I always love your "7 things" and even my government don't want "mademoiselle" anymore I still use this word that I found beautiful by the sound and by want it mean.

  4. yay for your plant growing! Love your 7 things :)

  5. Love your "7 things" feature. Your photos are so calming and cheerful. And beautifully taken.
    Ronnie xo

  6. I'd love to know how long it actually took you to root that avocado. I've got a seed sitting in my kitchen and it's been a month now, yet no sign of any root. Do you have a good advice, besides patience?


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