Montag, 16. Juli 2012


Working on Mina's gift swap. I am a bit late, but I'll hurry up, promised! First wild blackberries. Lots of rain. Wondering if summer will return.


  1. how lovely that necklace/bracelet looks.
    we have the teeniest bit of sun poking out from the clouds right now... fingers crossed.

  2. Ohh that looks very nice already..
    I'm wondering the same thing, unbelievable we're halfway july! We didn't even get a proper spring :(

  3. Beautiful. I'm sure your gift will turn out to be amazing. I love your pretty pictures!

  4. Hello Barbara
    I tried to contact you but your email doesn't work...
    I have a question for you, can you write me?

    negfilm (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. It looks beautiful! I like the necklace (?) and the fabric.
    I'm curious what everyone will make and will receive.

  6. Hallo!
    Hab dein Packerl gestern bekommen! Was für eine Überraschung! Hab mich riesig gefreut! Passt alles perfekt und die Farben sind super und passen gut zu meinen blauen Augen :)
    Danke!!! + liebe Grüße!


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