Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

7 things.

A beautiful package from Vimie was waiting for me! Full of softness and herbal smellings! So wonderful, thank
you so much, dear Vimie!

The first blackberries this summer.

Eating a lot of zucchini lately, our veggies growing so fast!

Freezing. In July.

Did some sewing. Missed it.

Spent a lot of lonely hours working on my thesis. Not that bad, I can say it was successful to be on my own.

We planned our summer vacation: this is it! I am so excited, I have never been to the U.S.! We will travel for three weeks around the South. Any recommendations?


  1. those little herb packets are adorable x

  2. how great is that!? I have never been in the US. It must be very exciting!
    I love blackberries!

  3. barbara, can you send me your address. please email me.


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